GotoIf syntax for period of time

Hi All experts,

in related to the function GoToIfTime will appreciate your assistance with syntax format of the following request:

Soon we have an holiday and i need to play tone out of working hours - the period of time is between:
This thursday (26/9/2019) from 16:30 till 2/10/2019 at 08:30.

Can you please advise how the syntax format should be done ( i have tried to find it on the network without success)

I think you will need four rules, as each field is checked in isolation.

in your opinion i cannot do gotoif time condition with period of time?

You will have to do this with periods of time, but four different ones 16:30 to midnight, on the 26th; 27th to 30th September; 1st October; and midnight to 08:30 on the second.

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Are you sure you don’t already have rules covering 16:30 to 08:30?

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