Google Voice * Segmentation Fault on incoming calls

I can dial out just fine, however when I dial my GV number I get segmentation fault, asterisk simply dies
tried to troubleshoot it with strace, but couldn’t get much

XML parsing successful

JABBER: rusty INCOMING: <ses:session type=“initiate” id="SIP232963871@" initiator="" xmlns:ses=“”><pho:description xmlns:pho=“”><pho:payload-type id=“0” name=“PCMU” clockrate=“8000”/><pho:payload-type id=“101” name=“telephone-event”/></pho:description></ses:session>
JABBER: Handling paktype IQ
The client is guest for alloc
Using engine ‘asterisk’ for RTP instance '0x8817c40’
Allocated port 13342 for RTP instance '0x8817c40’
RTP instance ‘0x8817c40’ is setup and ready to go
Setup RTCP on RTP instance '0x8817c40’
Setting payload 0 based on m type on 0x8817dec
Setting payload 101 based on m type on 0x8817dec
Incorporating payload 0 on 0x8817dec
Incorporating payload 101 on 0x8817dec
No provider found, checking channel drivers for Gtalk - +1MYNUMBER
Changing state for Gtalk/+1MYNUMBER - state 2 (In use)
device ‘Gtalk/+1MYNUMBER’ state ‘2’

Splitting ‘’ gives…
…host ‘’ and port ‘(null)’.
Segmentation fault … +Backtrace

Then post the result, uncompressed, as an attachment to an issue report on

I have enabled “DON’T OPTIMIZE” compiler flag in order to get process dump, compiled, installed asterisk, and the issue was gone :wink: can’t reproduce it no more