Global IP Sound NetEQ solution - what is that?

Hi. I found Global IP Sound solutions. Lot’s of VOIP providers in Poland use NetEQ. What is that ? Is that like a codec or something else? How much it cost ? Please for help. Thank’s. Bye

As far as I know Skype and Gtalk use Global IP Sound. It is a different propriety codec that they developed, that has features that make it sound so awesome, every under bandwidth-starvation, that is much-much better than G729 or other compressed codecs.

Just to be clear, Global do offer codecs (and voice-engines )that are very good. It seems that NetEQ is not a codec, rather a jitter-buffer.

I do not work for Global IP, I have used different soft phones over the exact same links, and soft-phones powered by Global IP sound better. See for yourself.

OK right but how much cost that codec. Is that sale for chanel or for all ?. Thank’s. Bye