Getting extension status throught AMI


I need my webpage to display current status of extension - is it currently talking, on hold or idle. How I can do this?

Use the AMI.

Do you mean extensions or devices?

In any case, even devices can be on hold and talking at the same time. That’s not at all unusual for SIP phones.

The nearest to what you probably want is the device state function, but that won’t tell you about hold, as that is a characteristic of channels, not devices. I think you can read the device state values using GetVar. Otherwise you will need to execute the corresponding CLI command.

Also, many technology drivers don’t actually have any concept of on hold, so you will need to get information from the technology driver level.

Actually I have call center with tens of operators. And I want to display status of each on a webpage. At least if the operator is currently busy talking or his phone is “on hook”.
But I have no idea which command in the AMI can tell me this.

We use QueueStatus.