Getting error : bridge.c:1963 ast_bridge_depart: Channel cannot be departed

Hi Team ,
I am Doing Create & Dial on a channel when the channel is answered what i am doing is play asterisk default recording and on playbackFinished Event i hangup the call

but when i tried to load test this on asterisk randomly i am getting this error

bridge.c:1963 ast_bridge_depart: Channel PJSIP/625024f1-000014a5 cannot be departed.

I am using the same Trunk to dial the call no change in that

I don’t underStand why because its very random and the point the error comes i checked the current channels on asterisk its 2500 channels

and i am using ari-client library for this

Can anyone Help why this error is coming

Sounds like your load test found its limit!

The comment in the code immediately below that error message is:

     * Should never happen.  It likely means that
     * ast_bridge_depart() is called by two threads for the same
     * channel, the channel was never imparted to be departed, or it
     * has already been departed.

2,500 ? Concurrently !? Maybe time to add another server ?

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