Getting a local network of phones

well … hi all … I’ve been googling and googling … ( and reading from time to time :smiley: ) … and I got to the conclusion that I’m either dumb … or stupid ! … ( both of them are fine by me :smiley: ) …

what I’m trying to do is a local network of phones … I got a couple of SIP phones ( 7 of them ) and I’d like to make them work to call from one to another … and that’s about it … the problem is … that I don’t know what to write where and how … I installed asterisk ( compiling got some warnings … but it’s up and running ) … I’ve read something about sip.conf … and extensions.conf ( I think that’s all I’m gonna need ) … can someone please explain me ( and make some examples ) on how stuff should be done …

Help is greatly appreciated … thanks in advance,


so much googling, you’ll hurt yourself :smile:

Ok, here goes:

first, you want to register and/or authenticate your phones on Asterisk. If they SIP phones then in sip.conf, do this for each:


make 1 for each. username and secret is obvious, put these values on the phone. If you want to give the phones staic IP’s then store that ip in host=‘ip’, else with dynamic they will register. context=local is the context
in extensions that there outgoing calls will start from.

Now in extensions.conf, you ‘assign’ a number to each phone. So say the range is 5xxx, you do this

exten => 5001,1,Dial(SIP/dex)
exten => 5002,1,Dial(SIP/noddy)

and so on for each user/phone you registered in sip.conf. So if on any phone you dialed 5001, your phone would ring. has a lot more. Get cracking!