Get the return type of Dial application

I call to VXI by Dial applicatin on SIP channel. VXI retuns a value. How can I get that value in dialplan ?

exten => _.,n,Set(VXMLFILE=/var/spool/asterisk/tmp/${EXTEN}.vxml)
exten => _.,n,SipAddHeader(voicexml: ${VXMLFILE})
exten => _.,n,Dial(sip/[some parameters])

Using the channel variable who hold the value

please give me an example.I couldn’t find any standard variable for return value of the Dial. ${DIALSTATUS} has status like ANSWER and NOANSWER.

What value in return are you talking about? If it is a SIP response for a failed call then look at HANGUPCAUSE function.
Please note that you’ll have to spend some time reading stuffs to make it work with your dialplan.

–Satish Barot

I want to know if VXI can parse VXML correctly. if that’s ok then I’ll call to someone and again I’ll call to VXI and play sound by Text to Speech engine.if that’s not ok, I don’t need to call anybody. from vxi log I think vxi returns a number as a result. Can I get the value by asterisk Dial application and evaluate it by GoTo application ? I used Dial for calling to VXI on sip channel and added VXML file in sip header.

How does vxi return the value?

I,m not sure but I see something in log that I think that is SIP response code.

You need to know how vxi returns the code if you wish to collect it in Asterisk. And if it is not SIP response then I 'm afraid I could suggest anything.

Findout which variables are available Using DumpChan application it isplays information on channel and listing of all channel variables. If min_verbose_level is specified, output is only displayed when the verbose level is currently set to that number or greater.