Get the display name field from a softphone

Hello everyone,
I am trying to set the caller display name for internal calls in PJSIP.
I want to get the variable from the softphone’s display name (microSIP).
The variable ${CALLERID(name)} returns nothing.
How can I get the caller display name field from microsip in asterisk?

Have you verify on a SIP trace that display name is available on the headers related like FROM, P-Asserted-Identity, Remote-Party-ID,

Yes, the value is in From: “John” sip:1067@servername;
so John is the value.
How can I get it into Asterisk dialplan ?

Assuming you really meant From: "John" <sip:1067@servername>;tag=something, it isn’t going to be a question of doing something but a question of not doing something. Are you setting the caller ID in the endpoint definition? Are you setting it in the dialplan? Is the caller also using RPID or PAI headers?

${CALLERID(name)} is a function, not a variable.

Have you enabled the “trust_id_inbound” option? Without this PJSIP won’t trust any provided callerid information from the remote side.

The trust_id_inbound was not set, I just set it.
I am configuring the Caller ID in the endpoint, this caller ID is used for internals/externals calls currently, and I want to use it only for external calls.
I’m not using any RPID or PAI headers.
Just want to get this value as display name for internal calls via microsip.

The trust option seems to be specific to pjsip, but you seem to need it.

I would expect caller ID in the endpoint definition to override both name and number, so you should remove it.

If you want to suppress it for “internal” calls, you need to overwrite it somewhere in the dialplan that understands that it is handling an internal call, as internal and external mean nothing to Asterisk.

Yes I can do so in my Internal extension but the question is the same here, how to get/define the value of “From” in the dialplan ?

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