Get my asterisk to answer but how do I?

I finally got my asterisk server up and running. Now when I dial my phone number I get the server. My question is how do I ditch the demo and put my own information there?
I apologize if this has been posted already. I couldn’t find it using a search.


Hi Daniel,

Well, I suppose it’s possible to ask a more generic question :smile:

Anyway, welcome to the world of asterisk.

You probably need to start with some basics. I’d recommend the new O’Reilly Asterisk - The Future of Telephony book and the (“the wiki”) web site as starters.

If you have a more specific question about setting up a dial plan or configuring asterisk, give us some more background on what you’re trying to do and more than likely, somebody will be able to help.


FYI- the book can be downloaded for free (legally) from . I highly suggest you read it, it provides a solid introduction to Asterisk’s capabilities and how to configure them.

To point you in the right direction- the file that contains the ‘what asterisk does when a call comes in’ stuff is extensions.conf…

I knew it was a vague question. I appologize for that.
Thanks for everyones help.