Get headers from my previous calls

Sorry in advance for my noob question, and poor english.

I have Galaxy S 2, and I want to get headers from one of my previous phone calls. Does my phone keep the headers? If so, maybe there are a easy way to get them?
I want to see the private number that call me, by the ‫‪P-Asserted-Identify‬‬ header.

Thank you :smile:

I understand it’s not directly connected to asterisk, but i didn’t found more qualified forum for this question.

Still relevant. Please help.

No one knows the answer?

It is very likely that no regular here has that level of knowledge of the phone, or has even wanted to do what you want to do.

I think quite a few think it unlikely that it can be done, but don’t have enough knowledge to say that definitively. It would seem to me that storing this information would be a security failing.