GET DATA returns -1


what could cause GET DATA "" 120000 6 to return 200 result=-1. Why does the command fail? I don’t see anything useful in asterisk logs. The issue happens non-deterministically. Sometimes it returns correct digits and sometimes it returns -1 which means that the command failed. Do you have any ideas how to troubleshoot this issue?

Thank you for your help in advance.

Maybe this happens when the hangup occurs while the GET DATA is running (waiting for the timeout or the max digits). Can you check this?


<SIP/poly-77a1-000000aa>AGI Rx << GET DATA "" 120000 6
(I hung up the call at this point)
<SIP/poly-77a1-000000aa>AGI Tx >> 200 result=-1
    -- <SIP/poly-77a1-000000aa>AGI Script null-agi.php completed, returning 4

Unfortunately, this does not happen during hang up. The call still keeps going even after I get result=-1 from GET DATA. What else could cause the failure?

Does bumping up debug and verbose and enabling AGI debugging yield any clues? Please post a console log for grins :slight_smile:

It actually turned out that the issue was user hangup. Thank you for your help.

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