General protection ip and segfault errors

Good morning,

I have a Asterisk 11.13.1~dfsg-2+b1 with the next messages at kernel log:

Oct 24 08:58:13 pbx kernel: [7780542.555287] asterisk[3423]: segfault at cc5 ip 00007f7aeacd6a30 sp 00007f7aa28680e0 error 4 in asterisk[7f7aeac87000+1e0000]
Oct 24 10:16:00 pbx kernel: [7785209.363455] asterisk[12576]: segfault at 7f501040e198 ip 00007f500c0f7300 sp 00007f4fc83a6f88 error 7 in[7f500c0a7000+2b8000]
Oct 24 10:47:01 pbx kernel: [7787069.978155] asterisk[16309]: segfault at 7f4935532198 ip 00007f493121b300 sp 00007f48ed0a8c48 error 7 in[7f49311cb000+2b8000]
Oct 24 15:57:45 pbx kernel: [7805714.598890] asterisk[24174]: segfault at 12 ip 00007fc3f7b0d300 sp 00007fc3c8254f88 error 6 in[7fc3f7abd000+2b8000]


Oct 25 09:08:07 pbx kernel: [38308.283653] traps: asterisk[1913] general protection ip:7f0ad2136300 sp:7f0a928ea1d8 error:0 in[7f0ad20e6000+2b8000]
Oct 25 10:37:09 pbx kernel: [43649.979400] traps: asterisk[18047] general protection ip:7f5c289ac300 sp:7f5be4e07f88 error:0 in[7f5c2895c000+2b8000]
Oct 25 11:50:00 pbx kernel: [48020.819753] traps: asterisk[26841] general protection ip:7f7f36c2b300 sp:7f7ef2c60f88 error:0 in[7f7f36bdb000+2b8000]
Oct 25 12:58:03 pbx kernel: [52103.742879] traps: asterisk[26892] general protection ip:7f29d7b0d300 sp:7f29a83c91d8 error:0 in[7f29d7abd000+2b8000]

The Asterisk PBX are running correctly since some years without problems and we don’t make any changes.

I attach the backtrace. Thanks!
backtrace.txt (29.2 KB)

Do you have pertinent Asterisk logs from just before the crash ?

Does it keep crashing ?

Did you recently update anything else on the system eg. mysql libraries ?

Also Asterisk 11 went End Of Life a couple of years ago – you may want to start planning an upgrade to Asterisk 16.

The crash is in a third party, database library, not Asterisk, and nearly everything was built without even symbols, so it will be pretty impossible to debug.

Correct, there was a problem in a database library.

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