I am a new user of Asterisk and I have some questions. Besides, I’m a french boy, so if you don’t understand my request, you can say me… :

  1. Could you give me a definition of a gatekeeper, for what is used it?
  2. When I modify Asterisk (for example, I change “gatekeeper.ini” file), what must I do in order to save this changes?
  3. What’s the “gnugk” command?

I presume you are speaking of an H323 gatekeeper? If so, here is a definition:

I am not familiar with any ‘ini’ files in Asterisk, only the files for configuration included in /etc/asterisk/. There are several H323 stacks available, so the configuration depends on which one you use: … 3+channels

The GNU gatekeeper, which is a wholly indepedent component of Asterisk.