Fxo on tdm400 from adtran 600e w/ quad fxs+ signaling

I have a several-second delay before ring is detected by *. Previously a Panasonic office system wasc onnected to the Adtran and answered immediately. I’ve tried a number of things without making any diffrerence.

T1 -> Adtran 600e -> quad fxs+ board -> tdm400/fxs port -> *

quad fxs is set to Tandem_LS:
“This sets E&M signalling on the T-Span and loop-start supervision on the analog 2-wire interface” according to Adtran.

This provides dial tone to the tdm400/fxo ports.

Neither kewlstart or loopstart pickup immediately, a click, then roughly 3-sec silent delay, then click click, before * notices ringing and answers.

Adtran will go away eventually - meanwhile it is not comforting to the caller as the wait is unusually long before * responds.

Am hoping someone’s been there done that. It seems obvious I have my signaling wrong, I guess - anyone know what what works?

Thanks for any help, Andy

OK, duh - it was waiting for CID - provider wasn’t supplying that.

Thought I’d admit it here in case someone else stumbles upon it