Functions from PJProject are not available within Asterisk

I am working on a patch for ASTERISK-24601 to include LOCAL/REMOTE headers in dialog-info XML. I stumbled across an old post by @jcolp where he suggested that the function ast_sip_subscription_get_dialog can get the dialog info and properly generate the fields necessary, however, I am running into a problem.

The struct members returned by that function are not strings, and pjproject includes functions to extract the data into stings that can be manipluated. For example:

…is the function necessary to extract the SIP header from a remote FROM dialog. However, when attempting to use this function, I get:

implicit declaration of function ‘pjsip_fromto_hdr_print’

It think that the third-party directory that contains sip_msg.h is included in the make file, but I don’t see any modules being generated. Explicitly including the sip_msg.h does not seem to do anything either.

Any ideas?

There is already a patch up for review[1].


And the reason you can’t use that function is because it is an internal function for use with PJSIP itself, it is not exposed externally.

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