FROM field in SIP packet header


I am new to asterisk. I need your help.

How do I remove the word “asterisk” from my SIP header packet?

Here is my SIP header package, I want to remove the “asterisk”

From: ʺ astetrisk ʺ˂sip: asterisk@˃; tag = as7c8c8e99

Set the CALLERID, using one of the many ways of doing so.

This will only happen if no caller ID is available.

You can also set it to a fixed value for a particular outgoing end point, at least for chan_sip.

using fromuser on chan_sip and from_user on pjsip also will override that header, but if you set the remote party id option callerid() function will take precedence over these settings

Please where can i find chan_sip.

fromuser is an option available on any sip peer , check

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