freePBX: how to test IVR from SIP extension?


I’m new to asterisk.
I’ve installed asterisk@home into virtual machine.
I’ve configured some SIP-accounts, voice mail for it.
Everything is ok.
Now I want to test IVR.
I’ve created ‘TestMenu’ Digital Receptionist inside Digital Receptionist setup module.

But I can’t find the way to test this voice menu from my internal SIP account.

I tried this in extesions_additional.conf:
include => ivr-2
exten => 105,1,Answer
exten => 105,2,Goto,ivr-2|s|1

But dialing 105 doesn’t work.

Please, give me some idea… :unamused:

is [from-sip] a context that your softphone has access to, either by definition or by an include statement ?

Honestly, I don’t know. What is the default beavior?

I just copy-pasted it from
I thought it means someting like “when call is going from sip phone do the following…”

ok, perhaps you need to use the GUI only for now. if you’ve set the IVR as the default action for your incoming calls, isn’t there a number you can call to simulate an incoming call ?? IIRC it’s 7777 ??

Thanks a lot!

I misunderstood the meaning of “Incoming call for 7777”, I thought it’s incoming call for my extension.

Thank you, again! :smile: