Forwarding the outgoing call

Iam using Asterisk for making an outgoing call to a SIP. I forward the call in the xlite softphone to another SIP number when the dialed number is busy. It works fine, and the call gets forwarded. I get the following message in the asterisk prompt:

[color=orange]Got SIP response 302 “Moved Temporarily” back from
Now Forwarding Local/outbound@dialout-8192,1 to ‘Local/600@default’ (thanks to SIP/102-09ab5b88)
Executing [600@default:1] Dial(“Local/600@default-c7e9,2”, “SIP/600”) in new stack
Called 600[/color]

As you can see the dialed number is 102 which is forwarded to 600. Here i need to track when the call is getting forwarded and update the status that the call is being forwarded using the dial plan.

Something like if i can know what the dialstatus at this moment i can have my dialplan to execute a AGI url like:

exten => outbound,1,GotoIf([dialstatus = call forwarded]?2)
exten => outbound,2,AGI(agi://{agi_server}/{agi_url})

If i can do it like this what would be the dialstatus or if there is any other i can track the forwarding call, how will i do it.