Forwarding and Shaken/Stir


For a long time, I configured Asterisk in such a way that if Bob has an IP phone registered to Asterisk, and if Bob forwards his calls to Cory, then Cory would see Alice’s number whenever Alice would call Bob.

This feature pleases most phone users when, for instance they forward calls to a cell phone.

Now as with Shaken/Stir policy, ITSP must control caller presentation, forwarding Alice number can be an issue as it differs from allowed ids by Bob’s contract.

How do you deal with this ?
Do you simply remove Alice’s number and use Bob’s number instead ?
Do you keep Alice’s number in from header and add Bob’s number in a Diversion/History-Info ?
Do you set Bob’s number in from header and add Alice’s number in a different header, hoping Alice’s number would be somehow relayed and shown on Cory’s phone ?

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you use the Shaken/Stir that you received from Alice and pass that one on to Cory
and then add Bob to Diversion/History-Info

(short version)
It is complicated please read the RFC / ITU for how it work and

Thanks for replying !

Now this is much clearer.

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