Forward new info from re-INVITE

I have an Asterisk box between an SBC and another Asterisk.
Incoming calls from the SBC may carry headers with additional infos about the call/caller which need to be forwarded.
I used the dialplan to implement the forwarding of headers in the incoming context of the call and this part works just fine.

The issue I’m facing now is:
Sometimes the additional call/caller infos are not available right away.
In such a case the SBC will issue a re-INVITE once the information is available and set the headers of interest in that re-INVITE.

What I need to do is:

  • Catch the re-INVITE (preferrably in the dialplan, but I don’t think this is possible)
  • Look for headers of interest
  • Forward the headers of interest by sending a re-INVITE on the internal leg

Is there a way to do this via Dialplan (guess not), AMI, ARI
or do I need to write my own module (using SIP session supplements)?

All the best

There is no support to do it in anything right now. You’d have to write a C module. There is no real precedent for doing it, so the best way to do it and how to exchange the information is unknown.

Now that’s what I call a quick reply! Thanks.
I might be able to change the SBC in such a way that it sends MESSAGE requests instead.
I know that I can catch out-of-dialog MESSAGE requests in the dialplan but that doesn’t seem to work for in-dialog MESSAGE requests, or does it?

It does not. In-dialog MESSAGE requests just pass through the core and get forwarded without the additional information.

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