Forward FAX calls to FXS Port: How?

Fellow techies,

I’ve been unable to find a clear answer to my current question. Hoping someone can help.

THE SETUP: Asterisk 11 (current) on CentOS 6, Sangoma A102DE T1 card, twin Adtran channel banks, one with FXO’s and the other with FXS’s.

THE ISSUE: We have three incoming POTS lines on the FXO side. What I want Asterisk to do is detect whether an incoming call, on any of those lines, is voice or FAX. If it’s a FAX call, I want it to be immediately routed to a specific FXS port (where there will be a FAX machine waiting).

If it’s a voice call, it just needs to be processed in accordance with existing directives.

Outgoing FAX is not a problem. I’ve already got that handled through a different system. It’s INcoming which is giving me headaches.

A dialplan snippet showing how to deal with this would be very much appreciated. I can provide portions of our config files on request.

Thanks much.

Bruce Lane, KC7GR
Blue Feather Technologies