Folder for recorded calls

Where in Asterisk can I change the folder to which Asterisk would store the recorded calls?

Default is var\spool\asterisk\monitor.



but I’m not sure if you can get any finer grain then all spooled directories. If that’s what you want, great, otherwise google and see if you can do better.


No that is as fine as ou can get - have to pass it in as a parameter to the Monitor application. Would be nice if we can add that to the asterisk.conf file. Think I will log a request for that or submit a patch if I get the time.

you could set the base directory in a global var and then call that in your monitor apps - that’s how we do it.

so we’d have MONITOR_DIR set to /foo/bar/whatever and just call the montior fucntion with that variable. at least that way you only have to change it in one place.