Flash a zap channel

I have followed several guides to get a zap channel to flash, so far I can get this to happen
– Feature Found: zapflash exten: zapflash
[Jan 1 15:06:24] WARNING[4998]: app_flash.c:103 flash_exec: SIP/522-08241df8 is not a Zap channel
– Hungup 'Zap/1-1’
it flashes the channel but hangs up on the person you were talking to, and I just hear a busy tone?

Sorry this is a year later…

Having the same problem with a Polycom that forwards an incoming zap call to an extension that calls a flash transfer of the line to a cell phone.

Same error… looks like the reference to the zap channel is lost.

Did you get anywhere with this?


What kind of Polycom phone are you using and how are you doing the transfer?