Find password under Wrong password

Hi all, Tell me how to find out the password for the “Wrong password” when registering the user in the asterisk. The fact is that I need to know what password is installed in my spa (the provider does not give me the data for authorization)

When I connect the adapter to the server, I get the following message in the asterisk console:

[Nov 24 16:22:57] NOTICE[1921]: chan_sip.c:28684 handle_request_register: Registration from ‘“xxxx” sip:xxxx@’ failed for ‘10.80.X.X:5060’ - Wrong password

I turned over the whole Google, and found no information on this issue. Any thoughts on this?

There is no outright way to do it. The password isn’t communicated, a hash of other hashes is. You’d need to bruteforce it to try to find the matching one.

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Try all possible passwords until you get the right password hash!

SIP authentication is designed to make finding the password from the information sent over the wire computationally infeasible.

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But the server then sees the password ?! And how can you display it?

The server knows the password, and given the same inputs can generate the same hash. If the hash matches then it is the same password. The password itself is never communicated in a way you can easily extract it.

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Thank you for your reply