Fedora 5

Can someone help me how to install Zaptel drivers on FEDORA 5? Is that impossible yet?

…Anyone? :wink:

same as fedora core 4, i would assume…

download, decompress, make, make install…

if you’re getting an error, post it.

I’ve tried both to install zaptel-1.2.5-14.1.rhfc5.at.i386.rpm and zaptel-1.2.5-14.1.rhfc5.at.src.rpm (from atrpms.net/dist/fc5/zaptel).

When I try to run “genzaptelconf” in Asterisk@Home (2.8) it says:

It says the same when booting the machine.

When I try to compile the source (i guess it’s located at /usr/src/zaptel?) i get a long list of errors.
At the beginning:

and it keeps saying the same thing down to:

This is a known issue with the latest CentOS 4/RHEL 4 latest kernel and I assume its the same on FC5. See this thread below on how to edit the Makefile for Zaptel to work around the issue.


Alternatively you can edit the kernel source as outlined in step “Patch and Compile Zaptel” on the FreePBX setup wiki.



Thank you, now it works!
I found a lot of information about this bug before, and I tried to fix it but it seems I didn’t manage to do that until now.

Thank you again!!

Regards - Tomas