Features aren't working, can't find the reason

I have been playing around with features, read the part about this subject in the definitive guide and followed the instruction, reload the module, set the DYNAMIC_FEATURES variable but there seem to be no way to get the testfeature that is in features.conf up and running (just screaming monkeys, but if that works I want to go from there)

This is the line in my feature.conf : testfeature => *9,both,Playback,tt-monkeys

Builtin Feature           Default Current
---------------           ------- -------
Pickup                    *8      *8     
Blind Transfer            #       #      
Attended Transfer                        
One Touch Monitor                        
Disconnect Call           *       *      
Park Call                                
One Touch MixMonitor                     

Dynamic Feature           Default Current
---------------           ------- -------
testfeature               no def  #9     

Feature Groups:

While there is a *9 in features.conf cli > features show shows a #9

I run hkcc*CLI> module reload features

with this output as the result:
Module 'features' reloaded successfully.

This is from extensions.conf


exten => _XXXX,1,Answer()
exten => SET(__DYNAMIC_FEATURES=testfeature)
exten => _XXXX,n,Dial(SIP/${EXTEN},30)

When I make the call nothing shows in cli when sending dumf tones.

I can make the connection when calling but the monkeys don’t scream. I use Zoiper on my MacBook and iPhone to test and dtmf tones are working properly whith the menus in the dial plan. What can it be that goes wrong? Suggestions are very welcome. Thanks in advance.



Have a look at http://www.cyber-cottage.eu/?p=1501 thinks have changed a bit since online documentation was last updated.

Thanks for the reply and the pointer. The truth is that I overlooked an incomplete line over and over again. :frowning:

exten => SET(_DYNAMICFEATURES=testfeature) instead of
exten => _XXXX, n,SET(_DYNAMICFEATURES=testfeature)

Easily done :slight_smile: setting it as a global is variable is useful means you don’t have to alter dialplan to use it , if using freepbx for example