Features ApplicationMap

I have seen examples of simple functionality like Playback() in the features.conf ApplicationMap section. I want to be able to have the agent playback an audio file to the caller by pressing the # sign.

This is simple enough to figure out; however, what if the audio file is not known at the time of Playback()? Could I determine the audiofile name by doing a Func_odbc.conf lookup in a database via the features ApplicationMap functionality?

I would need to be able to identify the agent and the client that caller is calling in for, in order to identify the audio file to play. Anything available to me to help figure this out (i.e. DID, Agent Channel etc…)

There are more complicated examples in the features.conf sample file which may be relevant to you, including:

; Set arbitrary channel variables, based upon CALLERID number (Note that the application
; argument contains commas)
;retrieveinfo => #8,peer,Set(ARRAY(CDR(mark),CDR(name))=${ODBC_FOO(${CALLERID(num)})})

Not tested, but seeing the function there in the example, it may be possible to do a Playback(${ODBC_FOO(something)}).

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