Fast agi have problems playing audio simultaneously


I tried to use fastagi to get the control of the calls. When i used to work with agi in an asterisk server, 20, 50, 100 calls could works in the same time. But now i try to work with fastagi (running in another machine).and the problem is the follow:

I send a call in the same time in 2 softphones and the fastagi executes a streamfile, but i cant listen the streamfile in the 2 softphones sumultaneusly, the fastagi executes the streamfile fisrt for one softphone, and when the audio finish, i can listen the audio for the other softphone. It never happend using simple agi… i think, agi creates a new instance of the script each time is invocked. But i dont know how to make fastagi works for more than one call in the same time. Is there a wave to make fastagi programs (in perl C#, or werever, i’d already try almost all libraries), works simultaneusly, or create a new instance of the fastagi scripts for each new call ???.

Tanhks for your help