Failure registering VoiceMail application

Good day, I am getting the following error in my voice mail.

  1. command: module load

Unable to load module
Command ‘module load’ failed.
[Aug 18 10:30:47] ERROR[83467]: pbx_functions.c:394 __ast_custom_function_register: Function VM_INFO already registered.
[Aug 18 10:30:47] ERROR[83467]: app_voicemail_odbc.c:15104 load_module: Failure registering applications, functions or tests

  1. “core show application voicemail”
    result: Your application(s) is (are) not registered

  2. No application ‘VoiceMail’ for extension (default, 705, 6)

Is there a voicemail module already loaded (module show like voicemail)? You can’t load module. If there is already a module, then did it show warnings or errors at load time?

show like voicemail was returning results.
I have odbc configured, the odbc voicemail module was not running and so i added the following in module.conf

noload =>
noload =>

This cleared all the errors and odbc voicemail module is now running

There were no warnings with the configurations below running with imap disabled i can do voicemail recording.
However when I switch to enabling the imap module i start getting VoiceMail application not found.

I am using asterisk in realtime, my objective is to do voicemail to email

You can’t have both ODBC and IMAP, if that’s what you’re trying to do. It’s one or the other, and IMAP isn’t for sending email when a voicemail is left. It’s for storing the email in IMAP.

Ok thank you. I have odbc disabled now. and I have the following configurations, the email is not delivering. Am I missing something?

imapserver = server
imapport = port
sendvoicemail = yes

702 => 702,Myname,

What voicemail are you actually using? For sending the voicemail to email it uses the sendmail command by default, which then leaves it up to the system as to how to deliver it.

Please tell us what error message you are seeing, or how you are checking to
see whether email is being delivered.

It looks to me as though you are expecting IMAP to deliver email externally
for you, which it does not do.


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