Failover with DNS SRV

Using Asterisk 14.0.2 with PJSIP 2.5.5, if I have a server_uri specified in pjsip.conf specified which points to a DNS SRV record with two entries at different priorities, should I expect to see Asterisk first try the lowest priority entry and then failover to the next priority? I am not seeing this behavior meaning there is no failover on timeouts or errors but it’s not clear whether or not this is the expected behavior with recent DNS SRV changes in Asterisk 14.

You should with that version. What transport is in use? With UDP it can take quite awhile currently. As well what is being sent?

Transport is UDP. I am using outbound-publish for presence so it’s a sip PUBLISH. After several minutes of trying to send to a server which is not responding at all, I do not see any attempt to a failover entry. Additionally, it appears that even attempts to the first route have stopped. Not sure if that’s a matter of having detected it’s “down” or some other issue as I then see warning about “task processor queue reached 500 scheduled tasks”.

There is an issue[1] for this for registrations, I’ve extended it to include publish as well.


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Thanks, will look for updates.