Failed to cennect to voipodbc

Hi to all,
Hope everyone is fine. I am encounter a problem, i am running asterisk, its working fine but day before today suddenly it gives warning messages like

*CLI> == Parsing ‘/etc/asterisk/rpt.conf’: Found
[Jun 24 19:58:26] WARNING[7974]: res_odbc.c:541 odbc_obj_connect: res_odbc: Error SQLConnect=-1 errno=2013 [unixODBC][TCX][MyODBC]Lost connection to MySQL server during query
[Jun 24 19:58:26] WARNING[7974]: res_odbc.c:436 ast_odbc_request_obj: Failed to connect to voipodbc
[Jun 24 19:58:26] WARNING[7974]: app_voicemail.c:2262 inboxcount: Failed to obtain database object for ‘voipodbc’!
[Jun 24 19:58:26] NOTICE[7974]: res_odbc.c:530 odbc_obj_connect: Connecting voipodbc

Can somebody tell me why these messages appear all in sudden and why these messages is coming and how i solve this issue because it continue to show these messages and i am unable to come to CLI prompt

Thanks for everyone

Restarting the service MySQL solve the problem 8)