Fail2ban alternatives

Apart from Fail2ban, what other firewall tools can be used to prevent hackers from having access to my asterisk server. And also I can’t get yum to work on my CentOS distros. It simply stops working. What other means can I get use to install fail2ban.

firewall tool use iptables , You can install fail2ban from souce but if yum doesnt work it will be hard for you install necesary dependencies, you must fix the yum issue or use the rpm command to do the installation, Note none of this issue are Asterisk related,

I don’t know, the yum just stopped working and it doesn’t allow me to install fail2ban,

Adress the issue through this forum

Thank you, also I have a fail2ban I didnt configure very well, how do I uninstall it

First fix the yum command issue and then run yum remove fail2ban