Extra leading 0 issue on calling party address

Dear Guys,

Need your urgent and kind support,

I am getting an issue of appending extra leading 0 on calling party address, as you can see on below asterisk cli traces and am setting up callerid as (3235577998) but in IAM message ANI is appearing with extra leading zero (03235577998) it should be (3235577998).

i am very upset doesn’t know who is causing this issue, is this is AGI’s issue or some ss7 configuration issue.

-- AGI Script Executing Application: (Set) Options: (CALLERID(num)=3235577998)
-- AGI Script Executing Application: (Dial) Options: (SS7/siuc:161-255/03245490992)
-- Sent IAM CIC=254  ANI=03235577998 DNI=03245490992 RNI=

i am using asterisk- and chan_ss7-2.1.0.

Any help or pointers in the right direction would be greatly appreciated!!
waiting for ur kind and quick response.


You will need to provide the AGI script if you wrote it, or get support from the person who wrote it. Asterisk does not come with any production AGI scripts.

thanks david for your swift response

Here is my AGi call function.

private void CallA_Number(String aParty,String bParty,String channel) throws AgiException{
if (hasBalance(aParty, bParty, bParty)) {

exec(“Set”, “CALLERID(ANI-num)=” + bParty); where bParty number is 3235577998

exec(“Set”, “channel=”+channel); where channel=SS7/siuc:161-255/
exec(“Dial”, channel + aParty); where aParty=03245490992

} else {