External asterisk caller puts me on hold


I would like to know if one puts me on hold external numbers of my PBX. I have analyzed the events but I do not see any of that information, I only receive ‘RTCPSent’ events.
I understand the information of holds, gives us the sip messages: “SUS” if we put on hold, and “RES” if we recover.

Thank you!

Being put on hold or taken off hold would show up in the respective SIP trace (sip set debug on or pjsip set logger on). It can occur if on-net with the remote party and they send hold/unhold to the provider.

Thanks a lot jcolp

I can get that if the client works with SIP, but it sells from the SS7 or PSTN network, I receive nothing.

I’m not sure what you mean by your last comment. Can you expand further?

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