Extenspy issues


I have successfully created a call monitoring solution for customers to be able to dial in, enter a passcode, and monitor an extension (assuming the extension is valid for their login). I accomplish the monitoring with extenspy, and for months this has been working flawlessly. Recently we have begun to install Polycom IP330 phones instead of the Cisco 7940’s we HAVE been using. For some reason extenspy does NOT work with the polycom phones - I get no audio. If I switch phones to a Cisco (leaving the asterisk sip configuration alone), it starts working again.

Any ideas why a Polycom would not work with extenspy?

I had a strange issue somewhat like this and I had to change the phone’s configuration to running in 10Mbfull instead of 100Mbfull. This probably isn’t it, but hey, worth a shot.

Sadly, no change, but I appreciate any and all suggestions! :smile:

Just posting more info and bumping this topic up. I get the impression very few people use extenspy - not even a lot of info out there in google searches.

I’ve been doing a lot more testing in the office that cannot do call monitoring. Turns out the phones are not the issue - we put a Cisco phone in the “trouble” office and cannot call monitor with that, either.

What I have found out:

In the “bad” office if I dial in and try to monitor a call I get no audio. If the person hangs up the phone and a new call comes in, monitoring starts working just fine. In the “good” office, even if they are in the middle of a call, when you dial in you immediately are able to hear the audio of the active call.

BOTH sites do not allow reinvites, and I see in the Asterisk CLI that it’s not “native bridging”. It IS “Packet2Packet” bridging, but that happens at the location where monitoring is working. It really seems to act like it’s native bridging (so no audio to monitor on Asterisk), but everything seems to show it’s not re-inviting.

The mystery continues.

Are you perhaps using different codecs at each site?

Have you had any luck with this?
I have the same problem and am not able to hear any audio when trying to use extenspy. I hear a beep, but no audio.
Running asterisk 1.4.22-3

Not sure what to try next…