Extension not found in context?

[2021-01-01 04:22:06] NOTICE[2925][C-00000016] chan_sip.c: Call from ‘’ (...:****) to extension ‘s’ rejected because extension not found in context ‘from-’.?


You should know what extension and context mean.

You have received a call, which matches a sip.conf section, which has a context=from- line, and that call either had s as the user part of the request URI, or had no user part. You either don’t have an extensions.conf section named from- or you have one, but it has no extension called s. **** is likely to have determined which sip.conf entry is being used. It could be the default one.

Also, if you really don’t know what this means, you are probably a new, user. Such users should be using chan_pjsip, not chan_sip.

David, I’m a new user, yes, but not entirely new to the world of PBX’s. Here’s the thing, the route DOES exist and the extension is OK. However, from the SIP service, the call is rejected as a result of the route. Its INTERMITTENT.

“Route” is FreePBX terminology, not Asterisk terminology; that might explain why the message isn’t obvious, as FreePBX may be hiding the details of the dialplans and contexts from you.

If you are, in deed, using FreePBX, you should use https://community.freepbx.org/ for peer support.

I am yes, thanks for the referral. I’ll have a look.

Just for S&G, does:

dialplan show s@from-

yield any clues?

Also, from support.siptrunk.com via Google…

“Starting with FreePBX version 12, the PJSIP libraries were introduced. In FreePBX version 13, these libraries are used by default on port 5060, while the traditional CHAN_SIP_C libraries were relegated to port 5061. You can create a trunk using either library. Apr 30, 2020”

Are you using an old version of fpbx? Do you have both PJSIP and [deprecated]SIP loaded? If so, there’s another avenue to investigate – are you configuring chan_sip but actually using PJSIP (because it is listening on 5060)? Are some calls using 5060 and some calls using 5061?

One More Thing…

What’s up with the funky context name :slight_smile: ?

I name contexts like ‘from-vitelity’ and ‘from-flowroute’. Why from-<nothing>?

I just removed any identifying information such as IP’s, etc. I’m using version, found at the bottom of the admin panel page. I believe the issues started when a ran an update as I wasn’t able to access the user interface without it. Very odd. It was working great just the other day. Found a couple of info sources, but nothing has worked. Just wondering if anyone has experienced this before and found a simple fix?

I’m also using the configuration as per CallCentric’s guide.:

Seems like you have a space between ‘from-’ and the rest of the context.

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