Execute Dialplan while Call is in Progress

I need the ability to be able to run an AGI script while a call is taking place. Is this even possible? Basically, I am debiting an account on a per minute basis and it needs to happen real time while the call is happening. Due to the nature of this project, it cannot happen after the call has finished. Thanks

The only thing that supports any kind of background AGI is the MeetMe application running on ZAP/DAHDI channels. I’m guessing you’re running SIP trunks, so you’re unfortunately out of luck.

Why can’t you use AMI?

MeetMe can be used with sip technology. Only ZAP/DAHDI drivers need to be installed as they provide timing source for internal mixing of meetme. As i think you are trying to bill a caller realtime to allow him to callout. if so than there are different methods to accomplish this like (you can use these methods even if you are billing to caller for using IVR)

– One easy way of doing it is to calculate caller balance before allowing him to dialout and limit the call to number of minutes using ““L”” option of Dial command to limit call duration.
– Use ““M”” option to execute a macro that calls some agi app in background etc.
– Best way is to use option ““G”” to put both callers in meetme conference and execute background AGI supported by meetme.Hope this helps.

MeetMe can be used with SIP. MeetMe with a background AGI running cannot.

This is a common misconception. The dahdi driver actually does the mixing, not just the provision of timing.

L will only work is there is a maximum of one concurrent call per account.