Execute an Agi-Bin from .call file

Hi, I create an IVR Agi-Script in php, is there a way that i can use the Aplication: parameter in a .call file to execute it?

For example:

Channel: SIP/Dinstar/55555555
Maxretries: 1
Retrytime: 30
Waittime: 60
Context: ivr
Application: myIVR.php
CallerID: Gustavo Ojeda <55555555>
Priority: 1
Archive: yes

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Create the dialplan to invoke the AGI then send the call to that context.

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Alternatively, make the application in the call file be AGI and put the script in formation in the parameters.

Hi Navaismo. yes that the way i do it normally. But i was courious about the way to call an Agi directly from a .call file. Tnx for your answer !

Hi David551, thats exactly what im trying to do. Do you have the way to tell the Aplication param to execute an Agi? I dont find any documentation around about it.

Thanks a Lot

Find it :wink:

Application: AGI
Data: myagi.agi

Thnxxxx a lot