Everyone is busy/congested NEWBIE question

Ok so a bit of a Newbie question. I have Asterisk 1.2.7 running on a debian box. And while everything is running smoothly I still get the occasionalmessage at the Asterisk CLI that says “Everyone is busy/congested”. I have checked my SIP.conf and everything seems in order. Is there something perhaps that needs to be loaded or installed?

if it’s happening periodically, it’s likely a problem with your VOIP provider (or something else like that…) next time it happens, look at /var/log/asterisk/full and see if anything leaps out. the congestion/busy is generally when asterisk can’t complete an outbound call at all (like say, because voip provider is not reachable or some such…)

Try setting up your dnsmgr.conf, it could also help resolved this problem,

enable=yes ; enable creation of managed DNS lookups
refreshinterval=300 ; refresh managed DNS lookups every seconds

In this case, resolving the hostname of the provider will occur in every 5 mins.

There are times that the asterisk doesn’t able to resolve your provider’s hostname, with this setting, your asterisk will automatically resolve your provider’s hostname.

Nevertheless, you could also replace your provider’s hostname to its IP address to eradicate DNS resolving:

In iax.conf,

host=iax.provider.com - - - > change this one to IP address!

Hope this could help!

Regards to all,

– Januarius