Error: Function FindFreeConf not registered

nella versione di asterisk 16.30 ricevo questo errore di mancata registrazione della funzione FindFreeConf():
ERROR[25470][C-00000003]: pbx_functions.c:608 ast_func_read: Function FindFreeConf not registered
Come posso risolvere?

That dialplan function has never existed in Asterisk.

Grazie jcolp,
devo creare una comunicazione dinamica per registrare la voce.
Il telefono A, chiama il telefono B, attraverso una features uno dei due telefoni include il telefono C (registratore) che inizia a registrare.
Stavo pensando di utilizzare ‘atxferthreeway’, è una soluzione fattibile?
E’ possibile farlo in altro modo?


I’m not sure exactly what you are trying to do. You can record calls with MixMonitor(), but since you do not specify exactly what you want to record, how and why, it’s hard to see if that’s the right thing for you.

Also, more people will be able to respond if you write in english, if english is not your first language, or you’re unable to write in english, you can just run your messages through Google Translate, before posting, that saves people like me the trouble.

Hi, I would like to have a three-way conference. Telephone A calls Telephone B, a conference is automatically established with a third SIP recording device.

Machine translators can produce unusable results. My best suggestion, where language is an issue, is to write quite a long description of the problem, in English, which will mean that there will be enough redundancy to work out the meaning even if the translation is poor, but also to include the same question in your first language.

People writing in a second language tend to make questions too short.

Why would you record it that way, instead of using MixMonitor, which would be much easier?

I suppose you could use the conference bridge, when the call is established the 3rd participant is dialed and placed in the conference.

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