Error 428 (Use Identity Header)

Hello there,

I’m currently engaged in a school project that involves experimenting with the STIR/SHAKEN protocol. To facilitate this, I’ve configured Asterisk with two endpoints capable of interacting with each other, utilizing Zoiper5 and MicroSIP for call generation. Following this setup, I’ve successfully enabled STIR/SHAKEN and generated two certificates. So far, my CLI prompt hasn’t shown any errors, and both endpoints are listed as available.

However, I’ve encountered an issue when attempting to establish calls between these endpoints. Specifically, I’m encountering either a 428 (Use Identity Header) error or a 401 (unauthorized) response. Maybe I forgot something in the .conf files ?

Does anyone have an idea ?

Thank you !! :slight_smile:

401 is not an error.

You haven’t provided your configuration.

You haven’t provided your logs.

My guess is that very few have done their own STIR/SHAKEN configuration.

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