Error 400 on websocket

I’m trying to make an originate channel (Because i’m trying to make Click2Call between 2 SIP users) using Websocket.

I can connect to but not to wss://

Can you help me make a connection to the asterisk? or if you have alternative option to connect to asterisk. I’d like to.

Sorry my bad english.

The websocket is for events using the ARI interface, or for SIP traffic for WebRTC. You would want to use the Asterisk Manager Interface most likely to originate calls.

Thanks for the fast reply.
Can I use ARI to make a call? I’m new at asterisk.

ARI has a route[1] which can be used to originate outgoing channels.


AGI, ARI, and AMI serve different purposes. Don’t assume that, because ARI is most recent it is appropriate for all uses.

Click to call is a third party operation for which, subject to more details of your requirement, AMI is the preferred option.