In extensions.conf, I have:

exten => 333,1,Set(ENUM=${ENUMLOOKUP(+16312405061,all,,e164.org)}) exten => 333,2, NoOP(${ENUM})

Dial 333 the CLI shows:

-- Executing [333@default:1] Set("SIP/1001-40a1aca0", "ENUM=0") in new stack -- Executing [333@default:2] NoOp("SIP/1001-40a1aca0", "0") in new stack

How can I get the Enum record from e164.org? The phone number(16312405061) is registered sip number.

[quote=“dynaguy”]exten => 333,1,Set(ENUM=${ENUMLOOKUP(+16312405061,all,,e164.org)})

If this is verbatim, looks like you have a syntax error.

CLI> show function ENUMLOOKUP [Syntax] ENUMLOOKUP(number[|Method-type[|options[|record#[|zone-suffix]]]]) ...
(Hint: count number of fields.)