Encrypred and unencrypted on different legs (solved)

I’m running asterisk 16.28.
My external phone call provider offers TLS and SRTP.
My internal phones cannot encrypt.
Outgoing connections to my provider are being rejected, as srtp MUST be used (and of course I would like to).
Can asterisk work as such a gateway (one leg: internally unencryted traffic, the other leg: externally encrypted)?
If yes: you how can I debug the reason for it being rejected?
Any pjsip settings that could prevent this?

Thanks in advance,

This is supported and people do it everyday. You configure the endpoint for the provider with encryption, and you configure the endpoint for phones without it. It just works.

If it’s not working then either you’ve configured it incorrectly, or the provider is incorrect. You haven’t shown the configuration or a SIP trace (pjsip set logger on) so that’s as much as can be said.

Thanks for your prompt answer.
After your confirmation, that asterisk does indeed support my scenario, I did more research.
It turned out, that autoload was no (I thought it was yes) and therefore the module res_srtp.so did not get autoloaded.
Thanks again!

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