Enabling Asterisk to authenticate PINs on via Radius

I already have Asterisk working fine, however, I now want to enable users who want to make calls to PSTN/GSM to authenticate their PINs which currently reside on another server dB that uses Radius authentication.

So to make it seamless, the caller would still get the normal IVR bit which will request for the PIN, on inputting the PIN, asterisk should then authenticate it on the external server dB via Radius. Has anybody got a similar process working or have some suggestions?


I have a project similair with you. And i found a solution portaone auth radius but I installed and configured this plugin perl. In fact, i have a problem with my configuration.

You have a solution fine and it worked correctly. Please sent me a documentation, I

am bloqued and i must returned my project until one week…

Please Help me…thank you