ELI5 - What does this mean? From Debug log

I am having trouble with my Asterisk 11.2.1 box. When the problem arrises I am seeing the same 3 things flooding the logs, thousands of times per second. Can someone please explain to me what is causing this message and what it means? Thanks In advance.

[Nov 7 08:50:29] DEBUG[26622][C-000003d6] res_rtp_asterisk.c: 0x7f3c780ae3e0 – Condition for learning hasn’t exited, so reject the frame.
[Nov 7 08:50:29] DEBUG[26622][C-000003d6] res_rtp_asterisk.c: 0x7f3c780ae3e0 – start learning mode pass with addr = xxxxxxxxxxxx:15760
[Nov 7 08:50:29] DEBUG[26622][C-000003d6] res_rtp_asterisk.c: 0x7f3c780ae3e0 – probation = 2, seq = 27423

Having debugging enabled is what is causing the messages. You should always describe the fault symptom properly when providing debugging messages,as debug messages generally describe non-fault conditions.

These all seem to relate to the following rtp.conf options:

; Enable strict RTP protection. This will drop RTP packets that ; do not come from the source of the RTP stream. This option is ; enabled by default. ; strictrtp=yes ; ; Number of packets containing consecutive sequence values needed ; to change the RTP source socket address. This option only comes ; into play while using strictrtp=yes. Consider changing this value ; if rtp packets are dropped from one or both ends after a call is ; connected. This option is set to 4 by default. ; probation=8

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Thanks for the reply david.

I tried my best to explain the problem here:

But after a few months of no replies, and the condition worsening, I tried to figure out the problem myself.

Last night I updated to the 11.20.0 (from 11.2.1) as I found some issues in the upgrade log that may be related. I also identified some possible other causes with some cron jobs doing file backups that could possibly be causing it. Hopefully these issue will resolve it, if not I will try to explain things better and go from there.

Thanks for the tip.