Ekiga: Security Check Failed

I’ve been trying to solve this problem with no luck so far. From the Ekiga camp they say it could be a problem with asterisk not allowing to be used as a proxy. But I still get this problem. Funny thing is it will register fine on startup, or by manually enableing the account in ekiga, but after some time it will fail to re-register and throw up this error. I only use Ekiga to check voicemail from my laptop so I guess it’s not /that/ important, just really annoying.

Is there anything in the sip section that looks wrong, or that could stop it registering?

[ekiga] type=friend secret=blablabla qualify=yes canreinvite=yes host=dynamic context=external defaultuser=dave fromuser=dave fromdomain=xxxxx.net callerid=xxxxx.net <dave> call-limit=100 callcounter=yes limitonpeers=yes callgroup=2 pickupgroup=2 mailbox=dave nat=yes deny= permit= amaflags=billing

I guess the next step is run asterisk through console and hang around to wait to see if there’s an error.