Echo cancellation problems

I’m having problems with my Asterisk install. I have a Digium AEX410 (1xFXO 1xFXS) and an Atcom AX4G GSM Card, both are analogue interfaces.

GSM is channel 1, PSTN is channel 5.

Using a VoIP phone (SIP) I get terrible echo, I’ve tried fxotune (fxotune -i 4), and have echocancel enabled in chan-dahdi.conf.

The error I get is: [Feb 6 00:26:50] WARNING[3872]: chan_dahdi.c:2689 dahdi_enable_ec: Unable to enable echo cancellation on channel 1 (No such device)

This happens with both channel 1 and 5.

My system.conf looks like this:

fxsks = 1,5 fxoks = 3 echocanceller = mb2,1-255 loadzone = uk defaultzone = uk

I’ve also added dahdi_echocan_mg2 to /etc/dahdi/modules

I cannot for the life of me, figure out what is wrong. It doesn’t help when it isn’t entirely clear what ‘No such device’ alludes to.

I’m currently have AsteriskGUI installed and have done most of the initial setup with that. I have however since familiarised myself with Asterisk config files and made some changes directly this way.

Any help would be much appreciated.


echocanceller = mb2,1-255

mb2 isn’t a valid echo canceler option.

echocanceller = mg2,1-255

mg2 is a valid echo canceler option.