Dynamic dialplan - how to get peer definition as variable


i’m trying to configure a dynamic dialplan for asterisk. Therefor i need access to the names of peer definitions in sip.conf of a calling sip peer.



and so on

If peer alice is calling i can use some predefined variables from asterisk like ${CALLERID} in extensions.conf. But it seems that none of these (http://www.voip-info.org/wiki-Asterisk+variables) represents this peer definition name of the calling peer. Are there some more variables or asterisk applications/functions to get the name of the calling peer?

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Also have a look at the “-o” switch, since the CALLERID behavior changed in 1.2.?.. and the “-o” means “old format”.

Thanks RichardHH,
but i think that’s not what i’m looking for. I need to get the peer definition of sip.conf (in my eaxample “alice” if that peer is calling). ${CALLERID(name)} is the value defined via callerid=Alice <100> in alice’s peer definition in sip.conf. But i’m trying to get access to peer definition name (alice for [alice] peer definition) for calling peer.

I hope you could understand what i’m trying to say :wink: