Dynamci Features not supporting call from PSTN

Dear all my calling architecture is like this,

PSTN LIne–>connected to DAHDI Device port 2FXO(TDM410P device in asterisk 11.5.1)–>incoming context->played a welcome prompt->DIaled SIP/201,tTgw.

here I want to use the features available in feature.conf in 201 extension number…

So how could I possible this…because the please help me

What features? DYNAMIC_FEATURES channel variable must be set to use the features defined in [applicationmap]

Provide CLI output when feature doesn’t work for you.

–Satish Barot

Hai Satish

But the channel is DAHDI…so it possible to set the features in this channel

can u suggest me useful dial plan for the same

Suggest you to go through this link.
ofps.oreilly.com/titles/97814493 … Admin.html

–Satish Barot